Third Party Inspection / Audit - KBPCIVIL Engineering Services

Third Party Inspection / Audit

Routine inspection is critical in each and every part of your construction project. Inspections guarantee that works within a project progress as planned and are according to requirements, standards and regulations.

KBPCES has provided traditional third-party quality assurance to the Government departments, PSU’s, leading builders. KBPCES provides comprehensive inspections for all types of constructions to ensure, construction conforms to quality norms as per applicable codes & standards and owner specific requirements

Once construction begins, client can feel confident that KBPCES’s observations during construction will help you attain general conformance with the architectural and engineering design documents. Our qualified staff of engineers will perform third party inspections accurately and professionally. These observations are typically performed on a regular basis throughout the construction process.

Our engineers not only identify and document deficiencies as they are observed but also “close the loop” by re-inspecting the same location during the next site visit to determine if the necessary corrective work has been performed.

Inspection and documentation of all contractor activities
Reporting of daily on-site inspections, checklists and records.
Detailed inspections of the quality of material, workmanship etc.
Scrutinizing drawings and specifications
Participation in project meetings
Monitoring the contractor’s schedule
health and safety at Construction site.
Field testing and materials sampling of construction material etc.
Review and completion of change order/s
Performing final inspections upon building completion