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Structural Audit in Pune

Structural Audit in Pune is an important technical requirement for any structure and has a series of parameters to be adequately investigated and assuredly complied with. We have many years of experience in evaluating existing conditions and a variety of failures common to steel, concrete, masonry, and wood structures, as well as appropriate repair recommendations for the conditions.

KBPCES provides a wide range of Structural Audit in Pune for existing structural envelope systems, structural components, architectural components, and historic building facades. Our services include overall condition assessments to detailed investigations focused on certain performance deficiencies.

We are instrumental in providing reliable Structural Stability Certification in Pune. These services are undertaken by our adroit and talented professionals to prevent buildings from earth quack and other natural calamities. By providing these services, we can prevent buildings from environmental turbulence, and give them internal stability to withstand harsh conditions. Furthermore, our experts also ensure to provide prompt and accurate structural Structural Stability Certification in Pune.
Structural Audit in Pune

Our Condition Evaluation Steps Include:

Review of construction documents and other related information
Visual inspection for the surface damages, cracks, flecking, coloration, local weaknesses with photographic evidence and their damage classification. This was mainly to assess the condition of the structural elements and its effect on the stability and serviceability of the structures under reference.
Non-destructive Testing had carried out on building elements as per requirements. Such as Rebound hammer Test, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test, Half-cell potentiometer Tests, Concrete core Test, Vibration Test, Rebar Scanning, Moisture Test, Flack Jack Test on Masonry, Pile Integrity Test, Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Load Test etc.
Structural analysis using inputs received form site investigation using push over analysis, finite element analysis etc. to find out critical locations.
Laboratory testing of samples from the structure
Identification of deficiencies in design, workmanship, materials, and/or maintenance, and their contribution to the problems.
The document related to Stability Certificate, Inspection Report, N.D.T. Reports, Its Inference on Structure, Structural Analysis Report and Emerging Recommendations with Cost Estimates etc. are submitted to client.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test

To access Quality / Compressive Strength of Concrete, Presence of Cracks & Depth of Crack.

Rebound Hammer Test:

Convenient and Rapid Indication of Surface Compressive Strength Up To 50mm Depth of Concrete.

Half-Cell Potential Test:

Determination of Corrosion Activity / Percentage of Corrosion the Reinforcing Steel in RCC Members.

Flat Jack Test:

To Determine the Acting Stresses (Single Flat Jack) Or to Evaluate the Mechanical Parameters of The Masonry/Concrete Structures.
Vibration Test:
To measure Structural Displacement, Acceleration (Vibration) under the given loading condition.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge:
Rapid Non-Destructive Accurate Thickness Testing of Metal Structural Members.
Infrared Thermometer Test:
To Monitoring or control Temperatures in building structures Using IR Thermometers.
Concrete Core Compression Test:
To Extract Concrete Core and Test for The Determination of Compressive Strength and Quality of hardened Concrete in The Structure.
Rebar Location & Cover Meter Test:

Used to Specify the Location of Reinforcement Bars in Concrete and Determine the Exact Concrete Cover provided to reinforcement.

Pile Integrity Test:
To Measure Cross-Sectional Area, Length, Continuity and Consistency of The Pile. Integrity testing of Pile to discover any flaws before they can cause any damage.
Micro-Drill Test on Timber:
To Assess the condition of timber member and joints for identify voids, decay, insect damage, and cracks.
Drone Camera Inspection:
To inspect the inaccessible structures like Transmission Towers, Chimneys, Bridges, Tall structures, Multi storey buildings
Endoscopy / Bore scope Camera Inspection:
To inspect the in-accessible areas of structures, building components, Heritage structures, pipes etc.
Under Water Test:

To identify source of the leakages and dampness place by using underwater test. This measure moisture percentage.